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Photos: Amy Locklear and her co-pilot Charlie.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was very young.  I found that behind the camera was a naturally comfortable place for me as I struggled to feel comfortable without it.  As a childhood victim of bullying, I learned to view the world from behind a lens and that lens showed me a beauty I couldn't see without it. Today, I look back on how I came to build this relationship with Photography and find it has given me great insight and a truly unique expertise in my field.  I'm not only able to shoot a perfect event or photo session with perfect models to work with,  I can and very happily shoot perfect moments and events with models just like me who aren't so comfortable in front of the lens. We work together to record our own kind of beautiful.

So when you meet me, I understand shy.  I understand awkward. I understand body image. I understand the double chin.  I understand the guys and even some girls that are there just to make someone else happy and most importantly, I understand getting past the barriers that block us from having those perfect memories show up in our photos.  I pride myself in helping my clients achieve a true reflection of the moments they wanted photographed to begin with.  I cannot wait to make people laugh, smile, get caught in a moment and cry happy tears when you get to see your world through my lens. I look forward to meeting you!

Amy Locklear - Amy Locklear Photography